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Recovery and Reminders

Going Home

Discharge Instructions

Prior to discharge each patient receives detailed instructions for home care and what to expect during recovery.  We will provide important phone numbers that a patient may need as they recover at home.  Remember that the surgeon’s office is the best resource to answer questions or provide follow-up care instructions.  Any prescriptions written by the physician for pain management and nausea control will be reviewed and given to the patient.  Be sure to have these filled at a local pharmacy as soon as possible and to take them just as directed.

In addition, please follow these general instructions for safety after surgery.

  • Patients often experience minor side-effects after anesthesia such as drowsiness, muscle weakness, a sore throat, headaches and even dizziness.  Nausea may also be present, but vomiting is less-likely.  These side-effects are generally considered normal and decline rapidly in the hours following surgery but can take several days to clear completely.
  • Most patients will not feel up to their normal activities the following day due to tiredness or surgical discomfort. We encourage all patients to plan to rest for several days and gradually progress to their normal routine when they are feeling better.
  • If a patient experiences anything unusual after surgery, they should contact the surgeon immediately or go to the nearest Emergency Room.  As a reminder, the center does not offer after-hours or emergent treatment.

Post Operative Call

Approximately 48-72 hours after surgery, a member of our healthcare team attempts to contact each patient, at the number of record, to check on the healing process and overall experience at our center.  In the event, we are unable to reach you, a generic message will be left.